Terms and Conditions

We are a unique Store

The Founders of Chet Mining CO/LLC Have resold electronics that have provided the best solutions in entertainment and have been providing some of the most powerful machines that have Heavy GPU and Cpu power for years, Our New company Chet Mining LLC decided to provide these new cutting edge products which we are uniquely qualified to maintain, repair and host at the lowest cost made available with full service hosting. Soon we will be providing our new multipurpose machines for gaming/video editing and have great potential for crypto mining as well. WE wanted to share this with you in our terms and conditions because most computer manufactures has stopped supporting these kinds of machines for duel purpose where we are forging on with full support for a year with power cost included in your price.  

Our brand is unique as our Terms and Conditions

We provide here the complete baseline contract of services provided and we would like to be clear about why we don't take refunds or returns. All Sales are final and we don't offer refunds or accept returns of any kind. Most if not all companies we have worked with all have this policy but we also have a list of insurance plans we recommend to cover your equipment in case a situation should arise that would result in any loss there of your purchased equipment.

As we provide pricing at the lowest rates found in North America with the kinds of Turnkey Services we have to negotiate power rate which require minimum commitments of continuous use, and for reason such as these and to provided the best quality service we only sell our products with service agreements starting at 12 month and up to 60 Months for larger customers who we have build a relationship with so they can get to know and trust the services as you will. 

 We are not just selling computers but massive amount of services that other companies as well as ourselves make sure that you are setup in the best possible space at the best rates for a year and are required to hire new people and train them to meet your specific needs. Ever purchase comes with the same outlined service agreement and we list it here and ask that you review it first before making your purchase  as our services will not start until you have completed the terms and conditions of your purchase and it can take up 30 days to customize your machine and have it installed.  We also for those who, have machines they wanted to add to their current purchase will be given the chance to do so up to a limited amount at our fixed annual rates. We require that these machine be  in new or like new conditions with all needed cabling and power supplies to be connect correctly. You will see and additional link for this hosting services after you purchase a specified amount of units and sign your first service contract with us.

We reserve the right to refuse shipment to a location that is found to be part of an alleged crime or fraudulent activity and will not be held responsible for funds in connection to any alleged criminal activity.