Obelisk GRN1 12 Month Turnkey Hosting Included
Obelisk GRN1 12 Month Turnkey Hosting Included

Obelisk GRN1 12 Month Turnkey Hosting Included

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Purchase an Obelisk GRN1 miner.

The GRN1 is a high-performance ASIC miner for Grin’s Cuckatoo31+ hashing algorithm. Each GRN1 contains 24 ASIC chips.

Estimated specs: 420 GPS, 2,200 W.
Estimated dimensions: 135mm wide x 170mm tall x 400mm deep.
Estimated ship date: October 2019.

Brand new miners which include 12-Month hosting plans with renewable hosting contract at the end of your service agreement. Everything is included in the price. Once you complete the purchase we will send you your hosting agreement and the contact information for you service associate. It's that simple to get started mining the cryptocurrency. Just let us know where you want your miner to connect to.

We recommend setting up an antpool.com, slushpool.com and nicehash.com accounts but we can connect your miner to whichever pool you would like. each miner comes with a 6 month warranty and we will take care of the rest.

Also to create a Coinbase wallet for all your earnings so you can trade the cryptocurrency you make and also setup your debit card through the various third parties which will make it easy to spend your crypto anywhere debit cards are taken.

The sample service contract is attached here and will be emailed out with your receipt and to be clear with every products there is no return or refund policy. if your purchase is made in error we are willing to offer a refund if contacted within 1 hour of the purchase if possible.

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